• In 2012, a Feed-in Tariff scheme (hereinafter called “FIT scheme”) was launched under the Act on Special Measures Concerning Procurement of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources by Electricity Producer, we, renewable energy power produceers, have been continuously expanding our business. The current national burden will become a meaningful investment in the future if the renewable energy power plants, built by citizen expenses, keep generate electricity even after the FIT scheme ends and become Japan's assets as reasonable and clean main energy source. Now, there will be a greater need to expand the renewable energy business, newly positioned as a main power supply, without relying on the FIT scheme and while reducing citizen burden. In order to continue to generate electricity over the future as a renewable power generator, power producers need to come together, cooperate, overcome current issues, and bring together the wisdom for the future of energy in Japan.

  • We contribute to energy security enhancement and improving the people’s living by promoting the spread of renewable energy as a sustainable source of main power supply in Japan. As a business organization, we aim to continue our renewable energy business to provide reasonable and clean energy for our future.

  • The social importance of renewable energy has further increased against the backdrop of renewable energy being positioned as Japan’s major power source at the fifth strategic energy plan in 2018. In response to the growing expectations for renewable energy in the electricity market, such as the spread of SDGs and the increase the number of member companies in RE100, the functions of renewable energy producer and related businesses are required more sophisticated and specialized year by year. As a result, the responsibility, rapid growth and morale of businesses that to promote long-term stable operations have become a necessity. We will fulfill our social responsibility as an infrastructure business organization by sharing our achievements and research results in solving various energy issues through local energy production consumption, and by cooperating with communities through our energy business.